Revolutionary War projects (podcast, video, image explanations, etc...) must contain:


  • Introduction - What is this about?
  • Details - Why is this important?
  • Connections - What does this mean for Americans today? How does this person, event, or document relate to what we have already learned?
  • Now what? - What else can help me learn more?
  • Conclusion - Tie it all together.

Learn more:

  • A podcast is a sound recording.
  • A video is a movie with moving pictures and sound.
  • A image citation is a picture from the time with 2-3 sentences to explain its meaning.

How to:

  • Use sound recorder

  • Use Audacity
  • Upload a sound file, video file, or image file
  • Organize images on a page



Image Citation

Including some of the following information may make your image citation more meaningful.

  • Subject matter: What is the main subject of this photograph?
  • Time: What might have happened just before or after the photo was taken?
  • Framing: What would be visible if the camera was moved slightly?
  • Vantage point: How far was the camera from the event or images?
  • Dominance: What is the first thing you notice in the picture?
  • Intention: What was the intention the photographer was trying to express in this picture?
Minutemen were volunteer soldiers who fought for the American Colonies against Britain at the beginning of the Revolutionary War in America (1775-1783). In this picture, minutemen face British soldiers at Lexington, Massachusetts, in the war’s first battle on April 19, 1775.
Credit: "The Battle of Lexington, 19th April 1775" (1910) oil on canvas by William Barnes Wollen; National Army Museum, London (© Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images)



    • Podcast planning page

    • Storyboard

    • Citation help

Possible Topics


Patriots and Minuteman
Daughters of Liberty

Committees of Correspondence

Thomas Paine

Samuel Adams

John Hancock

John Adams

Native and African Americans

Molly Pitcher

Betsy Ross

Patrick Henry


The French and Indian War

Fort Ticonderoga

Battle of Saratoga

Valley Forge

Battle of Bunker Hill

First Continental Congress
Proclamation of 1763

Common Sense

Olive Branch Petition

Treaty of Paris