Daughters Of Liberty

The daughters of liberty was a group. They weren't just all sisters.The daughters of liberty were women who worked together.The daughters of America's liberty were visible and actively involved. There were over 3 dozen of the girls that where part of the daughters of liberty..
Martha Moulton
she was 71 the part of liberty daughters.Mrs. Amos Wood was one of the daughters of liberty.Hannah Barron was another one fo the daughter of liberty and she found gold and she got money for it beacuse nobody could find the treaster and the gold.
The Daughters of Liberty displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts of British goods.The daughters of liberty did work. This picture is a group of the daughters of liberty.
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This is a picture of when they became the daughters of liberty and when they ended

The Daughters of Liberty was a successful Colonial American group that consisted of women who displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts of British goods following the passage of the Townshend Acts. Using their feminine skills of the time, they made homespun cloth and other goods​

This is Abigail Adams.
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