Researching Sites

Learning Everyday
Power Library
World Book

Other Reference Sites

Awesome Library Easy to find K-12 educational resources
Glossopedia Encyclopedia with easy to read articles and great pictures
Fact Monster Online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and HOMEWORK HELP!
KidsClick Great resources for kids made by librarians
Creative Commons Get information and images for free that you are able to use for yourself
Scholastic News for Kids Great current event articles from Scholastic
Google Earth Download Google Earth 5.0, the latest and greatest addition- FREE
BrainPop Scroll down the page and click on the “BrainPop” icon
TIme For Kids Great current events articles, games, and more!
PBS Kids Games and activities to stretch your thinking
Highlights Online activities to complement the great kids’ magazine
National Geographic Kids Videos, articles, and activities about interesting creatures and places
Discovery Education Clip Art A variety of clip art images for use
FEMA for Kids A kid-friendly resource on what to do during emergencies and difficult situations
News Lists for Kids A great comprehensive list of news options for kids
Museums of the World Explore some of the most famous museums of the world without ever leaving your seat

Animal Links
Animals at National Geographic
Enchanted Learning Mammals